Eight Actionable Success Strategy For A Christian.

1) Have time with Jesus Christ every single day. I am concerned more about how many Christian today have enough time to be with Christ on a daily base. Typically we invest our time working on things that have no bearing on our future. Technology is fast replacing our source of help than Christ and the Bible. We are not taken the time to focus on what Jesus Christ desires for our lives and our success.

2) Study the Word and find what the word of God says on all subject matter. The Christian definition of success should be in the word. For each of you, Christian success can mean a variety of meaning As soon as you understand your success definition, then you are all set for action.

3) Develop a “development strategy” for passion or whatever was leading priority. When you look at your life six months from now, where are you going to be? Are you making progress in the area of your passion?

4) Find a Christian success coach. Your success coach must be somebody who can be concern about your development. They must be able to listen to your success goal and be willing to assist you. They should be able to help strategically on how to get there. Make sure you don’t become a burden on your coach.

5) Break each of your success top priorities down into the specific actionable goal. These “actions” ought to be little enough that you can concentrate on each step. And they should not be too difficult to achieve separately. A too hard to make goal will frustrate you and, it can lead you to abandon your goal.

6) Write down all your success priorities and your actionable plan. Leave space beside for dates you achieve your effort. At the end of the six months (and throughout it too), you will be able to track your development.

7) Eliminate unneeded things in your life which do not assist you to achieve your success. Try switching off the TELEVISION three nights a week till you meet your goal. It is incredible how much of our time Television is taking from us.

8) Evaluate your rest time. Are you getting sufficient sleep? Are you investing adequate time in your family without disturbances by the phone or work? Do whatever you ought to do to get rest and leisure that include your family.

Sure, some weeks you will fall short, however, in others, you will satisfy your success expectations.